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Default Re: 2011 Playoffs second round preview of Bulls vs Hawks

this is such a beautiful sight

with the most miniscule amount of faith this game 6 win proves the Hawks have managed to again improve their team despite their 44-wins. last 2 seasons the Hawks needed 7 games to win the 1st round now they do it not only in 6 games but against a team that did what Orlando did last season, despite the change in personell this is a big win for the Hawks core of Joe Johnson Josh Smith and Al Horford now with KIRK HINRICH (no matter how he has fit with the Hawks thus far plzbeleeve he is gonna be FIRED UP to be a starter against MVP ex-teammate Derrick Rose)

im sure the Hawks will start Marvin Williams in this series for his defense and also to give the advantage of Horford over Noah at center, once again Horford is going to BEAST on Noah everytime until Noah proves otherwise, i promise u for some reason i feel Josh Smith is going to have a great series and of course as always so far it all comes down to Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford.

we all know Crawford has been one of the best players in the 2011 playoffs thus far, playing against his former team once again its safe to been he will perform well in Chicago on the road

the ultimate deciding factor if the Hawks can really beat the Bulls will ultimately be if one guy decides to add 1 + 1 = 2 which translates to Joe Johnson vs. Keith Bogans. if Joe has any balls at all (which he has shown at least one thus far against the Magic, no homo) he will totally dominate Bogans, Brewer and whatever other pathetic guard they try to throw at him, Joe Johnson has no excuse in this series not to score 20 pts or more in each game and maybe 30 once, THAT IS ALL

if this happens, these 44-win Atlanta Hawks will upset and defeat the 62-win MVP Chicago Bulls in 6 games, maybe 7
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