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Default Trail Blazers offseason 2011

What do you want to see happen? I am fed up with Rudy Fernandez. He is pretty useless during the season, and seems to become more useless in the playoffs. I really think I would take an early 2nd round pick for him, but would try to get more obviously. Also, if the collective bargaining agreement allows it, I would release Brandon Roy to save money on the salary cap (it will be emotional, but his game 4 isn't enough to convince me to keep his $70M remaining on his contract). As for who I would look for as replacements? I don't know yet (haven't look at who is available). I would really like to see us add a consistent 3 point shooter. If we do let go of Rudy and/or Roy, that shooter would likely need to be a SG. I think we should explore options of trading Andre for a younger PG and Camby for a younger C, but if we don't find a fit, then I'm cool keeping those guys a little longer. We also need a bruiser coming off the bench. I actually wouldn't mind taking back Pendergraph if he can get healthy and back on track. As for the draft? I say take the best non-SF available.
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