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Default Re: Knicks brass may try to force Mike D'Antoni to bring on a defensive-minded assistant

Originally Posted by Clutch
He is from New York

And I wouldn't mind to see him as a coach instead of D'Antoni.

Listen, Frank is a pretty good coach.... but our coaching needs fall in a very specific niche:

We need a coach who is still offensive dominant, but still places a strong emphasis on defense.... think a 65/35 or 60/40 ratio. THEN the most important characteristic our coach must have is a STRONG PRESENCE. We have 2 dominant alpha male superstars on our team, they're not going to just listen to anyone.

No offense to Frank but he doesn't really exude strength or command respect from his physical characteristics. Sounds shallow but it's legit. We need a guy who has either won before, or is a former player they can relate to.
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