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Default Re: D-Will, King Tour Barclays Center; Williams Calls Arena Site "Special"

Because the Nets are unpopular and people are haters. They know the Nets are rising so they take every route to deflect any positive vibe going their way. No matter how much sense it makes, they're not going to listen.

Honestly, just look back at the Abbot aritcle. Why wouldn't Dwight want to play with Deron? Because they're the Nets! The Nets. That's all those idiots can say.

Lakers can't sign a max player, it's not even close. So forget it. And logistically, a trade to the Lakers makes little sense either. Rebuilding teams want healthy young pieces, not old and injured.

And why would LA take part in any trade that guts their team or gives up valuable pieces. Last time I checked, they won two titles with these pieces, so I would think they should just ride them out until they burn out. Unless, they can get Dwight for like Bynum staight up, which would be the absolute dumbest move for Orlando.
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