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Default Re: 2011 Playoffs second round preview of Thunder vs Grizzlies

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
Should be a really close tough series. No way is this series going to be finished in less than 6 games, so we may as well just all sit back and enjoy.

The only thing I'm worried about is OKC's talent and amount of scorers they have. Whereas Memphis have a bunch of defensive minded guys, but really, without Rudy Gay, only one true scorer, that being Randolph.

Without Rudy, other guys are really going to have step up this series. No longer can OJ be the little ***** he has been all f*cking season, he needs to step and do something, anything.

If Memphis can keep the scoring low and get the ball in to the paint to Gasol and Randolph, then it won't be as hard.

Realistically, I'd go with Thunder in 6.

stop talking sh** b***. You can't contribute if you ain't getting playing time, and when you do get playing time not seeing the ball.
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