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Default Re: 2011 Playoffs second round preview of Thunder vs Grizzlies

Originally Posted by 50inchvertical
Nene is a borderline all star caliber inside player, he scores on EVERYONE. Nobody thought Perkins was going to hold him to 0 pts, however, Perkins DID hold him to 9 points in game 5 and end of the day, Ibaka made Perkins his *****.

As for their frontcourt, it's tough. I think we should start with Perk on Randolph and Ibaka on Gasol. Randolph pump fakes too much and Serge tends to bite on those.

Tony Allen though, he is going to shut down KD. We'll need Russ to get out of whatever the hell he has been in the last 2 games to make up for that.
TA's defense has gotten better in the post season somehow, but I'd rather see him on Russy than Durant. Because he can probably mess with Durant for awhile, but KD will figure him out. If I were Hollins I'd do this...
Let Young defend him till battier comes in, then Battier straight up unless he gets burned, if he does rotate him and TA. then keep Young/Battier on him till the fourth and unleash TA on him then. I think Conley and him on Russy should be enough to hold him to essentially....nothing.

Sorta like how the Suns kept the Nash/STAT pick and roll pretty hidden until the 4th last year.
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