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Default Re: Greg Monroe vs Ed Davis

Originally Posted by RapsFan
yahoo sports has monroe 40 lbs heavier. You also referenced one stat. Monroe is taller, higher standing reach and has a longer wingspan. This isn't an attack against Davis....but Monroe is simply bigger in most measures and that's why I'd prefer him. Davis is the more athletic of the two easily. I think Davis is more a 4 and Monroe a 5. Plus I think Monroe is a bit younger but I could be wrong.

Those were draft measurements so I would take those. Munroe is younger, but hes not really THAT much longer or bigger than Ed Davis. Take in account of Ed Davis' athletic ability it would be safe to say that Ed Davis makes much more of a imposing presence than Monroe will

That being said I will agree that Monroe is more skilled being able to face up like he can, but if Ed Davis refines his little midrange shot and free throw shooting I'd rather have Ed Davis.
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