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Default Re: May 1: Playoffs Round 2, Grizzlies at Thunder Game 1

i missed the game this morning so i just finally caught up. just a few things i noticed:

westbrook has to settle down. he was making some awful decisions in the first half. not reading plays right, jumping in the air to pass (i hate that) and just looking a bit lost in the paint. he either needs to draw contact or finish the play. he doesn't contort his body like rose does. i've said it before but until he improves his decision making, he's a borderline top 5 PG. he's a incredible athlete with room to improve.

gervais - dude is putting in some quality minutes. i actually wanted LA to pick him up last season due to what i saw of him in college. quick decisions

rebounding. unlike pau, marc will box out. gasol is also effective at pick n' roll. that's two pick n' roll bigs that can do damage for memphis. that's dangerous. gasol can hit from the elbow and FT line

durant was on. i still do not get why OKC doesn't run him off more curls cuz dude can be deadly that way.

battier - such an underrated trade transaction for this team. how many people were talking about how much this trade would help memphis? he was a +12 today. i know that isn't always reliable but it's a start. he hit key shots and a got a key block.

z-bo. how do you legit stop this guy? so much talent, can finish with either hand, soft hands for putbacks. kills in the pick n roll because he either pops out for the jumper or finds the soft spot. is there any question attitude and b-ball IQ was what was holding this guy back? hell, he's a willing passer now too. plus, he's patient. last season, he stepped up his game in the regular season. now he's doing it in the playoffs.

both teams have been prone to a couple mistakes late. i originally thought OKC was gonna win this but memphis has me thinking. i'm just gonna say it will go 7 cuz taking HCA is HUGE.
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