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Default Re: 2011 Playoffs second round preview of Bulls vs Hawks

Originally Posted by DuMa
ATL doesnt have any one as soft as Roy Hibbert.

At least Hibbert can rebound and block shots plus he's over 7 feet tall. ATL doesn't have anyone like Jeff Foster. There is no one that will make Rose think twice about driving the paint on. That's why I am glad the Bulls got ATL instead of Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic plus the huge rebounding disparity.

If the Hawks start Horford at Center, the Bulls will probably out-rebound the Hawks by 15-20 boards per game and Rose will average 15-20 Free throw attempts as well. The Hawks are small. They finished 28th in the NBA, out of 30 teams, when it comes to rebounding. You can't change their roster now and try to prop it up to make it look more intimidating than what it is. The Hawks are what the Hawks are. And now they are weaker without Hinirch. And Hinrich is someone Bulls fan know better than any other fan base. Captain Kirk can guard any perimeter position and do it well. He will be missed.

Hinrich has a ton of big game and playoff experience. Teague...what is this is his 1st postseason start? The guy played 7 total minutes in the entire last series and he got 90% of those minutes in the Game 5 blowout.

Teague can't finish around the rim, much like Westbrook. But that is the only thing Teague has in common with Westbrook. I can see Drew starting Teague but pulling him after 5 or 6 minutes and then going with Crawford the rest of the way.

If there was ever a series where Derrick Rose drops 50 points in 1 game, it is this series. I am thinking it will come in the game after he gets his Most Valuable Player award (so Game 2) but it could come tonight.

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