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Default Re: 2011 Playoffs second round preview of Bulls vs Hawks

Originally Posted by DuMa
Zaza is not only the same but is much better than Jeff Foster.

i agree the loss of Hinrich (maybe for the first 2 games from what i am hearing will hurt the Hawks) but i think they will surprise you. The Bulls were not that impressive in the first round and yet the Hawks were, actually it had to do with orlando imploding a bit more but the Hawks are a solid team because they are much more experienced in the playoffs than the bulls are.

im not expecting teague to start. he doesnt deserve to start. Crawford will start and will see lots of playing time. I also expect Marvin to guard Rose. except for the Rose/Deng matchup and probably the Bench matchup, every other matchup kind of favors the Hawks. its not that lopsided as you think it may be. it will be a hard fought series.

If I'm a Hawks fan, I'm doing the same thing all of the Hawk fans have done on this page and the previous one. I don't have a problem with you guys defending your bigs, Teague, and Josh Smith's ownage of Carlos Boozer. However, allow me to spin it my Chicago Bulls way, if you don't mind.

The Pacers beat the best of the best all season long. They beat the Lakers, Bulls, Heat, Mavs, Celtics, and so on. Have the Hawks? Indiana has proven, for years now, that they can rise up and knock off the greatest teams in the NBA. That is why it makes sense that they won 1 game against the superior Chicago Bulls. At the end of the day, the series was over in 5. I thought it would be 5 games before the series started specifically due to the reasoning that I just gave, the Pacers can beat the best of the best on any given night but they can not do it on a consistent basis. You can say that is true for any team but has any team knocked off the Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Mavs, etc. like the Pacers have.

I doubt Captain Kirk is back after 2 games. And if he is, you would have to think that hamstring won't be up to the task of guarding MVP Derrick Rose.

The Pacers played bully ball. And when the Bulls gave it right back to them in Game 5, the Pacers cried to the media and got blown out. They tried to slap around the Bulls and muddy up the game because they didn't have enough talent. The Hawks do have talent so I don't expect the same physical style of play. I don't expect wild elbows connecting with Rose's and Deng's heads like Foster was throwing bows in the 1st Round.

The Hawks, despite all of their talent, just never seem to pull it all together. Will they be able to do it this series?

By the way...if Marvin guards Rose who will guard Deng? Keep in mind Josh Smith has "owned" Boozer from the stats that tontoz researched. Deng is ridiculously underrated and he is one of the two or three best defensive SF's in the NBA.

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