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Default Rating Draft Prospects in General

So, to preface this, I'm not draft expert by any means but when I look at the draft rankings/mock drafts I'm always interested and find them bizarre...

Why do people care so much about potential and crap like that when rating prospects... take guys like Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, Kemba Walker.

All of them have problems that are often pinpointed out: Lack of true PG skills + lack of ELITE athleticism (Knight), Tweener + selfish (Jones), undersized + lack of true PG skills (Walker), yet they are all viewed as top 10 prospects.

But guys who produced in and got it done in college and seem to have less of these problems in my eyes like Darrius Morris from UMich, Jordan Williams from Maryland, Tyler Honeycutt from UCLA, Chris Singleton from FSU, etc. These are all guys that are well sized for their position, you know what you're getting with them, and have shown way more heart and passion than guys like Jones. So why do these guys always end up at the bottom of the first round and consequently not getting play time whereas flashy undersized and/or problematic guys get picked early in a position where guys like Morris would also probably thrive in.
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