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Default Re: May 1: Playoffs Round 2, Celtics at Heat, Game 1

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Doc said they won't change anything.

Me personally? If I was defending the Heat I would shade/double Wade and force Lebron to score one on one against Pierce/Green/Baby.

I'd also welcome Bosh getting it in the post as much as possible.

My defensive strategy would basically be to force bosh/lebron to beat their man one on one. I would stay at home on shooters and try to prevent wade from going off.

Easier said than done.

PP did the best job of all the guys on lebron. PP doesnt need help and I think you live with the results of Lebron in thepost.

Ray needs rondo or Garnett to shade over to Wade because Ray simply cant even get a hand in Wades face because of the quickness of Wade.

KG showed hes able to take Bosh out of the game,and KG needs the ball when we experience scoring droughts.

Rondo needs to stick to bibby on perimeter.

One Issue I saw BOS had problems with was the Wade-Chalmers-Jones-Lebron-Bosh lineup which is athletic and an instant FB.

I expect Jeff Green to be playing at the 4 this series.
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