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Default Re: May 1: Playoffs Round 2, Celtics at Heat, Game 1

Isn't this what I have said from the beginning?

Double Wade and play Lebron one on one and stick to the shooters?
Its not rocket scientist, wade wasn't unstoppable for crying out loud.

He was being isolated... while Lebron had as said 3-4 people concentrated on him.

Doc should have known that wade is the scorer of the heat and Lebron is the facilitator.

I actually give him a benefit of the doubt, I guess he thought since wade is averaging 12pts and 28% in the regular season, he won't be a problem.

So they threw everything at lebron, which was a dumb move.

Wade had twice as many isolation plays on Sunday as he averaged in the first round.

that's how boston lost, they forgot about wade because of his terrible success against them in the reg season and let him go one on one and let him get to everywhere he wanted.

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