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Default Re: 2011 Playoffs second round preview of Bulls vs Hawks

Originally Posted by DuMa
Zaza is not only the same but is much better than Jeff Foster.

i agree the loss of Hinrich (maybe for the first 2 games from what i am hearing will hurt the Hawks) but i think they will surprise you. The Bulls were not that impressive in the first round and yet the Hawks were, actually it had to do with orlando imploding a bit more but the Hawks are a solid team because they are much more experienced in the playoffs than the bulls are.

im not expecting teague to start. he doesnt deserve to start. Crawford will start and will see lots of playing time. I also expect Marvin to guard Rose. except for the Rose/Deng matchup and probably the Bench matchup, every other matchup kind of favors the Hawks. its not that lopsided as you think it may be. it will be a hard fought series.

Don't wanna nitpick but the Bulls also have a HUGE advantage in coaching, which obviously is a big deal. Thibs is probably the best game planner and in game adjustment maker in the league this year.

It will be a hard fought series but Im gonna have to say Bulls
in 5. Afterall, this is a 62 win team vs. a 44 win team. That talent level is very comparable but the Bulls have advantages in so many places across the board.

If Kurt Thomas starts tonight instead of Booz, I'm tellin y'all Kurt and ZaZa are getting double techs at some point in the game, maybe 3rd quarterish?
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