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I didn't think so at the time, but Udoh was a good pick. His defense will prove mighty valuable as a safety net for Steph and Monta, two guys the media like to rip on for defense. And I am optimistic that his post game will improve. The thing is, even if he's an average offense center, he'd still be a valuable piece for his defense and work ethic (he seemed to rally from that injury pretty quickly and made concerted efforts to diversify his post moves). We still need more defenders, especially on the perimeter, if we want to be serious about making the playoffs.

I don't know who will be a free agent this offseason, or when this lockout that seems inevitable would end, but I like the options we have in the draft if we end up around 11 or 12. Markieff Morris has the body to be a defensive presence, one we could use over David Lee when we need interior D, and we wouldn't really need him to develop offensively right away. Chris Singleton can be a lockdown defender, depending on how well his recovery goes.
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