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Default Re: How overrated is Kyrie Irving???

Originally Posted by LaysUpBricks
It'll be hard to beat 2000. But players like Kyrie and Derrick Williams are being overrated because of the lack of star players. Last years draft was the race for Wall, the year before that was for Griffin.

I would agree on all but Williams. He's a star.

It's an interesting phenomenon, similar to the NFL. To win you need a great QB, and teams are so desperate that clowns like Newton, Locker, Gabbert, etc...guys that wouldn't even be first round picks in a decent QB draft class...jump to the head of the class.

The NBA is going through the same thing with PG, so guys like Irving are bumped to the front despite showing next to nothing in college. Not saying he can't play, but how the hell can you tell from a dozen games against Oct/Nov competition?

Williams will be a big time scorer in the NBA. He's got a really good first step, decent handle, goes to the hole with either hand, and shot 60%...that's right, 60%...from the 3 pt line. Nice midrange jumper as well. Long enough to guard the 4, quick enough for the 3. IMO, he's being underrated because:

(1) internet "experts"...both pro and amateur...don't want to admit that they missed so badly on the kid. Guys whose job it is to know college hoops gave him little or no mention before the tournament, though it was pretty obvious he was the best player every time he stepped on the floor.

(2) there's so much talk about this being a weak draft that it automatically devalues a no-name player. In reality, this is going to be like most drafts at the top. No more than a couple guys who look like sure pros. It's in the depth that it's really bad.

(3) he tore up the PAC-10, not the Big East, and didn't go to Duke. The Big East has become like the SEC in football. Six turds automatically get bowl invites and massive tv exposure because they play in the same conference as a couple top notch teams.

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