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Default Coach Monty Williams 2010-11 season-end wrapup statement

Hornets Head Coach Monty Williams opening statement: Im very blessed and fortunate to be working with the two men to my left (Dell and Hugh) because I get a chance to talk to a number of coaches around the league and not everybody has the synergy that we have. We dont always agree on things, but we always as Hugh and I were talking about earlier today have the ability for the foresight to unite no matter what the situation. That made my job a ton easier than it probably could be. The fans and the community here in the city, the way theyve embraced my family I know Dell feels the same way has been awesome. Like Hugh and Dell said - Im just going to piggy back that - Im just not satisfied with these first steps. I liken it to getting a first down in the Super Bowl. Thats basically what weve done, because what we want to do is a monumental task. Im looking forward to that challenge, looking forward to being here in this city for a while, a long time. The big thing Ive stressed this to the players from my side - is we have to get better as players. No matter what the situation is, whether its working on your jump shot, whether its understanding schemes and strategies, guys have to get better. Along those lines, I made them a promise that I was going to get better as a coach. Im watching film now and Im seeing areas where I need to get better. We all feel the same way. We have a ways to go. Certainly happy with some of the success weve had, but certainly looking forward to the future.
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