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Default Re: Brook Lopez has surgery on right arm

Originally Posted by gigantes
*SMH* at the criticism on humphries and lopez. yet what is the point of responding to such BS, since rational arguments are pretty-much pointless at ISH (and most other webforums) today?

you know what would be cool? what would be cool is having a basketball forums to post at that wasn't filled with rubbish, ignorance and immature knuckleheads looking for cheap thrills and/or to vent their loose testosterone.

nothing against the nets fans here, either. this is a quiet section, but at least we have good posters. but more and more, wading through the NBA and OTC sections to find an interesting post is like trudging through a field of toxic waste in the hopes of finding a gold nugget. in other words, almost completely pointless.

jeff- you or one of your admins decided to send us this crappy thread because it seemed to be nets-related. well, it's not. the theme is "bullshit," and i say, send it back to where it came from.

I guess thats just how forums are though. Some people just try to be funny while some actually make knowledgeable posts. It used to be balanced but now almost 80% of the main forums are used by homers bashing each other like theres no tomorrow.
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