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Default Re: How overrated is Kyrie Irving???

Teams will reach but guys like Kyrie or Gabbert/Newton will generally receive a grade from most NFL teams and go around where they are graded. Those QBs, though maybe not everyone's favorites, went top 10 because their teams felt they can be franchise QBs. If they were 2nd round guys lifted by the class being poor at the position, they still would not go top 10 with all the money that goes to those picks. You have to get a franchise caliber player if you take a guy that high, being wrong costs your HC,GM and others their jobs. You don't just take the best QB on the board as high as possible. Newton had one of the most dominant seasons in college history and Locker has been a guy with #1 pick potential for 2-3 years now. Gabbert has some issues, but he has the arm,accuracy,size and pedigreee to be a franchise QB.

I say this here because this is also the case with Kyrie and D.Williams. There are guys that will go too high in this draft thanks to it being thin, but those 2 are considered elite talents in any draft.
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