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Default Re: May 6: Playoffs, Round 2 - Lakers @ Mavs (Game 3)

Originally Posted by Doranku
Yes, but LA still had a reasonable chance to make it a series last night.

This team is mentally fragile and soft. Their chemistry issues go beyond the court. Pau is playing like he wants to be done with basketball and go curl up into a corner and cry because of his lost girlfriend.

How is a team like that going to win a game on the road while being down 0-3?

Not going to be easy for sure. Although I would have said the exact same stuff about the Mavs before the series. How is a team with only 1 great player and a bunch of inconsistent role players going to challenge the Lakers?

Crazy things happen in sports. I have just learned not be surprised by anything.

In my opinion...and its just my opinion. Its that if the Lakers play well and play a complete game, the Mavs have a very small chance to win.

Fortunately for the Mavs so far, we have played very well late while the Lakers have been awful late. Its been the difference in the series. The Lakers had games 1 and 3 and just crumbled down the stretch.

I put that more on the Lakers than I do credit the Mavs.

I've seen every single Mavs game this year. And i'm telling you that we have no business being up 3-0 against the Lakers and have many flaws...the Lakers just aren't taking advantage of them and the Mavs are stepping up in key moments.
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