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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Yes, Arya Stark is awesome.

I'm hoping that there's more to Cate's brutal relationship with Snow, because while I would understand some coldness, she's downright nasty to the poor bastard, and it seems to betray what is otherwise a consistently morally true character.

I'm gonna throw out a couple guesses. First, Terien Lannister knows of the relationship between his brother and sister. He's hinted at too much not to.

Second, I'm guessing Joffrey Lannister is in fact the son of the brother and sister. It just seems like they went too far out of their way to make him look like the other two Lannisters. He doesn't have any resemblence to the king at all.

And just to clarify the relationships.

Ned has two brothers. One who died with his father in the war with the mad Targaryian King at King's Landing. And another who is of some high position on The Wall. He also had a sister who was at one time to be married to the current King. So there's four Starks of that generation, at least.

Cate has a sister, still alive, married to the late Hand of The King, John Errand, who for reasons not explained, was "Like a Father" to both Ned and the current King.

There are two surviving Targeryians, the children of the mad king who was killed by the Lannister guy, fled across the narrow sea, and are now staying with some sort of dignitary, and the daughter recently married to a brute who the brother hopes to convince to raid Kings Landing with him. Who is that guy who translates for her? Will I get to see that asian girl again .... Please?
The guy that is translating is a knight that had been disgraced and fled into exile. he hates the starks because ned was supposed to sentence him to death. his father is the high commander of the Wall. what asian girl? are you refferring to one of the khaleesi's servants? she will be around until the second book

There are three Lannisters of this generation. The Queen, her brother / boyfriend, and The Imp. The Brother is responsible for the former Mad King Targerian's death. Where is their father? Was he royalty of some kind.
The father is the lord and head of the Lannister family. they are very rich and the kingdom owes his family alot of money. he will show up later on.

And what is the deal with the current King Robert Baratheon. Is he descended from royalty. Why is he king? Did he lead a revolution? Shouldn't the Brother Lanister who actually killed the old king be ruler? Did they fight on the same side during that revolution? How did he hook up with the current Queen? Robert is the eldest of the baratheon family, which was also very powerful. he led the rebellion with ned as his right hand man. jaimie lannister actually sat on the throne after he killed the mad king but Ned showed up and ordered him off. Robert then claimed the throne and everyone just followed him. the robert of 10 years ago is very different from the one now. he used to be a very powerful warrior.

It seems as if we're not going to get it, but this show almost feels like it could be spectacular if it did nothing but run in flashbacks from here on out, and there would be plenty of ground to cover. But with the Targaryians coming from the south, and Winter is Coming ... from the north, I have a feeling they won't have time to get too much deeper into what set this all up. yeah, there is so much rich history that comes before the current story. george rr martin did a great job of world building. there are some prequel short stories out but i havent read them

I read so little fiction, and now that I'm in on the show, it seems unlikely I'd get into these, but these must be great books.

hope this helps

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