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Default Re: May 7: Playoffs Round 2, Thunder at Grizzlies, Game 3

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
They're making WAY too big of a deal about Zach being frustrated with the sets they are running in the 1st quarter, and making a huge deal about getting to the arena only 60 minutes early.

Originally Posted by 50inchvertical
He showed up "only" an hr prior to tipoff, but when he went out of the game he didin't go to the huddle and walked down to the end of the bench by himself and put his warmups on without saying anything to anybody. He was mad they ran the offense wrong (not through him) a few times in a row.

Z-Bo will be Z-Bo.

They need to play Haddadi more. This guy was a beast for Iran in the Olympics.
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