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Default Re: May 7: Playoffs Round 2, Thunder at Grizzlies, Game 3

Originally Posted by SleepyCorpse
hope OKC realizes they need to fire Scott Brooks eventually, guy just doesn't do anything well. OKC has no team identity
he really doesn't.

We have NO offense, even before Westbrook went into his "not gonna pass" mode we didn't. We just had players good enough to make it work anyways, ie make tough, contested shots all the time. BUt short shotclock, out of timeout, inbounds under the side, team switched to a zone, etc. where you have situational plays, we have nothing. Pretty much just give it to KD or Russ and figure something out.

I don't know why he doesn't just watch other teams and steal their plays. Rivers, Popovic, and D'Antoni are geniuses at drawing stuff up for those situations and getting an EASY look.
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