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Default Re: Kings@Nets game thread

lol Yeah one step closer to the lottery. Muss is a freaking idiot, the players don't respect him, and they're just going through the motions. I didn't hear this first hand but apparently NJ's commentator Mark Jackson said:

"These guys, the Kings, I've watched them plenty of times...and they are just going through the motions. Brad Miller especially. It's like they don't want to be here. How easy are the Nets scoring? Ron Artest is the only guy not going through the motions. I would be embarrased to be Eric Musselman. They just want to go home. It's sad. I mean, everybody in the league knows Jason Kidd has hurt ribs. 3-4 years ago, he wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes. The Kings haven't tried to hit him once. It's sad."

That is 100% the truth. I mean Bibby and Brad and Kenny just don't care!!! And now it even looks like they're infecting KMart with their bull sh!t attitude. I mean damn if they turn Kevin into one of these lifeless players who doesn't give a damn that Bibby trade that Petrie didn't make is going to be the worst ever. It's like I don't even know if Bibby was upset after the game, from his quotes on CSN post game show(House party live) he doesn't sound that upset. It's like damn man Ronnie Price just had 3 times as many points as you. Freaking Ronnie Price!!! The undrafted 2nd year player who was stuck in Musselhead's dog house all season. Doesn't that bother Mike at all? I mean damn.

Muss is getting ripped by a lot of fans and I still think he's pretty dumb but I liked the decision to play Price and Salmons over Bibby and Martin. Price never gets a chance, that guy was out there trying to play D hard and hustling. He was setting teammates up for a few good shots(where they got fouled so he didn't get the assist). He was hustling and runnin up the court instead of this BS where they just walk it out.

Tonight, this team had 4 players who gave a damn. Price, Ron, Salmons, and Reef. The starters(besides Ron) were HORRIBLE. Muss has lost the team, it's too bad we can't lose him and a few of the players.
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