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Default How good do you think we are next year?

Draft picks on the far right, question marks are possible draft picks/free agents.

Devin Harris / Earl Watson (?) / Jimmer| Brandon Knight (?)
Gordon Hayward / Raja Bell / Alec Burks (?)
Andrei Kirilenko (?) / CJ Miles (?) / Kawhi Leonard (?)
Paul Millsap / Derrick Favors / Vesley|Motiejunas (?)
Al Jefferson / Mehmet Okur / Biyombo (?)

I honestly think the Jazz should draft Jimmer/Knight and Alec Burks, and if that happens, I really think the Jazz can be back in the playoffs. If they resign AK, I think we can be a deadly team. How many wins do you think we can get with this roster?
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