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Default Re: Please tell me the Clippers aren't considering keeping Kaman

I think we obviously need to resign DeAndre Jordan he plays good Defense and will only get better at watching for headfakes etc. BUT I think you have to atleast see how Kaman does next year and go from there..obviously he was injured alot this year with minor injuries and was an All-Star in the past BUT he still averaged what 13 PPG and 6 REB..that is not too bad and is worthy of a decent contract somewhere in the area of 4 years 18 Million alot of centers dont play 25 minutes and average them numbers....NOW if someone offers him 4 years 30 million or something more than that and is willing to overpay him then you let him walk but if we can get him for a bargain and he can help DeAndre Jordan develope more offensive moves that will be a double bonus for the Clippers.
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