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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

To win in the playoffs maybe, but Memphis and Denver, even Philly have shown you don't need all-stars to have a good season.

Randolph and Gay aren't stars? Mayo looked like he was going to be a star too before he became the 3rd wheel not to mention one of the best centers in Gasol. They are loaded with young talent they just needed some vets like Battier and Allen. Denver did it for a short while with a coach that has always won. Can he do it for a full season? Remains to be seen. Philly did it in a weak conference with a proven coach.

Based on what we saw from the Jazz before the unproven Corbin took over and they traded away their superstar there is no reason to think the Jazz are anything but one of the worst teams in the league right now. If they can trade the bloated contracts of Jefferson, Okur, Harris and turn them and their picks into a star or 3 they are in trouble.

That roster is pretty stacked at making a run towards the playoffs again.

In the east maybe. In the west? Stacked? Their guard line all shot below 42% in an offense that should be much more effective. Jefferson shot a low % too compared to those that have come before him and the guy playing next to him. They've got Millsap, a couple young guys and some picks to feel good about the rest of the orginization is a mess.
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