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Default Re: Kings@Nets game thread

Originally Posted by Targus™
do you guys think that geoff petrie might be overrated? not just because of the Musselman thing, although it was terrible hiring him, but looking at how many players in the league that are starting who we've let go at one time or another. gerald wallace, hedo turkoglu, eddie house come to mind. he should have made a move before the deadline even if it didn't involve mike bibby, something about this team had to change.

GWallace was let go because of the draft, they had a choice to keep the vets on the roster or keep this younger guy (those were the championship caliber years).

We got BM52, an allstar center, for Turk and Pollard, no gm would turn that down.

The eddie house thing was stupid, they signed Jason Hart for more money.

Petrie does seem to be losing his touch. Its kinda like jerry west in memphis, no one questioned him because of his reputation and he basically built a horrible roster around pau gasol. Now West is on his way out.
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