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Default Re: Tell me about DeAndre Jordan

Originally Posted by ClipperRevival
Great athlete for a 7 footer. Can be a consistent defensive presence when his mind catches up to his body and he plays defense the right way. I doubt he will ever have an offensive game besides the put backs and lobs but we don't need that from him anyways. I love the guy and hope he stays in a Clipper uniform for years and he gives us that dominant defensive presence at C.

Great picture painted of DJ...what I would say is that this year when Chris Kaman was hurt DJ showed up and received good minutes in real game time action not scrub end of the game minutes and with that experience he will be that much more willing to play hard IMO and his defensive awareness should continue to improve, If we can get him just 2-3 good post moves maybe a hook shot an up and under and a 10 foot spot jump shot from time to time would really help too
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