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I thought Rudy Gay was a better fit. He's athletic, long, block shots, hit the open three and additional length next to KG. Memphis practically stole Rudy Gay from Houston.

Last year, we missed on Danny Granger who would have served the same purpose for KG. Instead we went with Rashard, who's been OK but not fantastic. I think Having Danny Granger would have made a better fit for timberwolves by alleviating some rebounding load from KG while providing some "length" on defense - the guy was even a better three point shooter than McCant!

I think they missed the boat again! THey're going to hype this stuff up, but it was a disapointment.

They missed on getting the 21st pick which Phoenix practically GAVE away.

I actually liked their second round picks. WE definitely needs some athletic small forwards.

If there is anything positive about Foy, it's that he's athletic and can take some contact. MN did not get to the free throw line very often last year. Hopefully, that will change with Foy, but we'll see.

Bottom line: Unless MN hits the free agent market HARD, it'll be another tough year. If they can't get the right players, they need to make a trade - preferably with Chicago who has the asset base we need to build.

It would really be sad if we missed the playoffs again because it would be demoralizing AND we don't have a first round pick due to the trade with Boston (another fiasco)
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