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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I'd take Kanter of Vessely if they dropped to us. I think they might go earlier too.... Biyombo is a huge risk. There's potential there because he is 18 but he's really only had that one good game that got people excited. I need to see more. Hopefully there will be some predraft workout stuff with him. I feel like there's at least a guy or two in every draft like Thompson. I wouldn't be too excited if we picked him up. I think Joe D is thinking Jerebko is the starter next year at PF. If Kanter or Vessely drops I'm sure he'd take them but other than that I think he's looking at Knight right now. I think he might be a very very good player in this league. Like I said before I wanted to go a different route than this too. Now that we've officially seen so many guys pull out of the draft this might be what we have to do. It makes it really hard for the bottom teams to get better this year.
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