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Default Re: 70 year old U.S. Tourist in Costa Rica Kills Mugger (funny IMO)

Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
the lesson to be learned is that thieves are bad.

also, you know it is perfectly legal if you shoot and kill someone who trespasses on your property by breaking and entering and shows clear intent on bringing you or someone in your home harm?

as long as the evidence is very clear, and there is motive, then it is legal to shoot the bastard with a12 guage.

dont go equating foreign laws with American ones.

Overseas you are a FOREIGNER and are ALWAYS wrong unless you have money to buy yourself out of the trouble. Luckily for Sargeant Kickass he was on a tour bus and there were witnesses and well to do people (ie monied locals) running the operation. That shiiiit happens on the street and gramps is paying a hefty bribe to get his ass out of trouble with the local authority.
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