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Default Re: Let's talk Charlie V

Originally Posted by dd24
There's a few things that could change his role a bit.... The first is if the Pistons resign Chris Wilcox. He was starting over Charlie so if he comes back he's going to take away some of those minutes.

Secondly, if they draft another big man that will eat up some minutes too.

Third, with JJ coming back that could hurt his playing time too. Of course if they don't match an offer for Wilcox then it would just be a flush.

Fourth, a new coach might have a different depth chart too....

Really the draft is what could change his role the most I think. If Detroit somehow ends up with Vessely or Kanter then I think Charlie is in for a long year. If they get a guy like Knight I think his role will be the same for the most part, a big guy to come in a stretch the court. Jerebko is a pretty good outside shooter too though, so I think the Pistons will probably try to package CV with Rip or Tay (in a sign & trade). The weird thing is the guys that teams seem to want are BG and CV so why not make one of them part of a package deal? Rip will have a lot of value as a trading chip now too. He's an expirer and in 2012 there's going to be some good FA's that teams will want to go after.

Rip has 2 more years after this one, he's not an expirer.
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