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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Here's also what I'm thinking (in regards to a big man). This year this is who's available (and worth taking a look at potentially):

Glen Davis
Tyson Chandler
Nene Hilario
Yao Ming
Deandre Jordan
David West
Samuel Dalembert
Hopefully nobody mentions Fesenko! I still think that's a bad idea. In a season where Utah needed a C like crazy the guy still couldn't crack the lineup. He doesn't have the heart and is never in shape.

Javale McGee
Kevin Love
Anthony Randolph
Andrew Bynum
Roy Hibbert
Kevin Garnett

To get a player like Knight and then go after another big man could be worth it too. Or whomever might become available through a trade too. There's a lot of people who think the Kings or Jazz are going to take Knight & Walker. The Jazz don't make sense to me because they have Devin Harris who is a very good PG. The Kings could potentially but there's a few holes they could try to plug too.

As far as my list of guy to go after it's similiar but not the same:
Kyrie Irving
Derrick Williams
Enes Kanter
Jan Vessely
Brandon Knight
Jonas Valanciunas
Kemba Walker
Alec Burks
Bismack Biyombo
Jordan Hamilton
Jimmer Fredette
Kenneth Faried
Tristan Thompson

Here's my thing with Thompson.... some list him at 6'8" and other list him at 6'9". Either way it's a touch short for a PF. 6'9" PF's are available in every draft and every one of those guys has "potential". I do like that he rebounds and plays defense well because those are things that do translate to the NBA. He's just a really bad shooter and doesn't have any offensive game outside the block. What makes it worse is he's such a bad free throw shooter than I don't expect him to ever really have a good midrange game. Right now the Pistons desperately lack a 2nd scoring option behind Stuckey. Stuckey is the only guy who can create his own shot. We'll see more from Monroe as time goes on but he doesn't create at this point. I want a guy with more scoring potential. The only reason he could possibly crack the top 10 is because so many people pulled out of the draft. I think he really could end up being a bust.

The other thing is I really am hoping a guy like Jujuan Johnson or Jeremy Tyler falls to us in the 2nd round. I would rather gamble on the potential there. I really think we need to just try to grab the best player available with this pick since things are so slim this year.

Also, Jerebko really is more of a PF and from everything Joe D has been saying is it sounds like he's going to try to match whatever offer he gets and bring him back to play that specific position. He's 2 inches taller and weighs about 10 pounds more than Thompson. I think Daye will ultimately be the SF, though if we resign T-Mac there's the possibility he could be there too. Of course this is all based on us thinking Tay is going to leave. If Tay stays we know one of the younger pieces will probably be moved with Rip.

I think Burks is a guy who should be top 7 too. He's a guy that can score and it seems like it will translate to the NBA. I would think a team like Utah would really want him in their back court with Harris. If he dropped to us at 7 and the other bigs were taken I wouldn't mind picking him. At that point they could have a fire sale on BG and put him and Stuckey in the back court. At least we'd be set back there. We have to remember, not only do we need another big man..... we also need another guard. Stuckey is the only guard we have on the roster worthy of starting (besides T-Mac but that's not a long term solution and he can only play so many minutes). There's a reason Detroit has been experimenting with Daye at SG.... it's because we really need help in the back court too and his game is the one that's versatile enough to play that many positions.

I've got Biyombo up there on my list. He's the guy I could handle taking a gamble on. If we really needed to that is. Most of those project type guys just don't make it in the league.

I do have a high standard for a top 7 pick. Not all of them are all-stars and I realize this. But looking back on about the last 4 drafts teams have been so much smarter with their scouting. There isn't a top 7 pick who could really be considered a total bust. They're all solid players in the NBA. I think the exception could be 2006 with Adam Morrison but I don't really consider him a bust. He was a solid scorer in the league who ended up with a really bad injury. I think some might argue Evan Turner last year but I think he's still going to end up being a solid player. 2008 everybody was solid. Even 2007 with Greg Oden I don't see him ending up as a bust. Injuries have got the best of him so far but when he was healthy and playing he was pretty good. I think we'll actually see him back healthy next year.

In all I guess there's a lot of questions to be answered, lol. I guess the first one will be answered shortly, May 17th. Once we know where we're picking (and everyone else) it will help clear up some of this.
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