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Default Re: ECF: Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat

Originally Posted by (e)
Bulls can shut down Bosh. And they can make Wade and LeBron work for their buckets.

With a healthy Boozer and a with the bench showing up, Chicago can beat them in a 7 game series.

But we gotta win tomorrow night and be on our A game to take out Miami. Having home court is a plus too.

By that logic..

Miami can shut down Boozer. And can make DRose and Deng work for theirs.

Miami's defense is vastly superior to the Pacers and Hawks, and Rose has struggled,
mightily, at times against them so I can see the Heat making the same happen.

If DRose goes in chuck mode, it won't make it to 7 games. But, I will take Miami
in 7 if he doesn't
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