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Default Re: Analyze a potential Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat ECF matchup

Originally Posted by poido123
Or that Miami are a centre, point guard and bench away?

I doubt the Bulls missed Lebrons showboating when he went up for that dunk..For anyone who didnt watched the game, Lebron got a steal late in the game, turned around while bouncing the ball and mocked the celtics players behind him..he nearly travelled the ball in the process..

expect Noah to lay lebron out a few times in the series, they hate each other.

Bulls are a team fast enough, athletic enough, allrounded enough and have a great coach to dismantle this 2 player team. bulls in 6

Sure the Heat could upgrade those positions but as standing right now, they still have a great shot to win the title. I can't say the same about the Bulls. Thus my statement. They still need another wing to take some of the pressure off of Rose imo.
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