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Default Re: So the Heat won....

Seeing how tight Chicago has played against inferior tallent I'm not sure how they stop Miami which depresses me. I think OKC has a legit chance since they've got tallent out the ass like Miami does and just enough toughness with Perkins to bother them, and Dirk is just a friggin unstoppable monster (certainly with the bigs Miami has) so I see Dallas having a chance too. I'd like to be wrong on Chicago since I'd love them to do better than Miami, especially to punk Lebron since if he'd gone there it would be a no-contest that they'd take the title, but IMO if they get stopped it's in the finals.

Been hard to cheer for Boston these last few games, especially since it was them that planted the seeds of this "Big 3" BS in the league. I just hope the new CBA prevents this nonsense from ever happening again.
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