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Default Re: So the Heat won....

I still like Bosh and woudl like him to succeed but I just dont like the Miami heat. I do not want that team to win. I love the bulls as I live in chicago now and will be here for the long term as i plan on settling down here permanently. This team is just amazing. I am not sure if the bulls can take on the heat. The only team I see that can take on the heat right now are the Thunder. And this is just based on talent. In the NBA, talent wins. You can take and put a great functional team where every player complements each other but talent alone will win you games in teh NBA. The heat could have the worst bench in NBA history but the top 3 will win them the NBA finals. Thats just how it is.

I hope, atleast, that the bulls take the heat to 7 games and just physically tire them so they stand no chance against the thunder.

the future of the nba: thunder, bulls, memphis, indiana and miami

the era of the spurs, lakers, celtics is coming to a close. This might be the last year fot eh mavs as well.
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