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Default D12 from the Nets/Lakers perspective

Sorry, yeah it's another howard thread.

From the Nets perspective, the team's main strengths have been on the perimeter for some time, even going back a decade. Maybe the one thing lacking has been an inside presence, a force, an ability to play physical and not get pushed around. That's something Howard would give us. And also, i feel Howard would benefit from playing in the Net's system the most, playing with Deron, shooters, and slashers. Having a defensive minded coach in Avery, etc. It all makes sense.

Shouldn't the Lakers be going after Chris Paul? Isn't that how they lost to the Mavs? Stagnation on offense, not defending the 3 ball well? CP3 could provide both. I know Pau had a terrible series, but from an offensive standpoint, i don't see how Dwight could really help. His post game is still iffy at best, and the post is crucial in the triangle. Brook actually would be a much better fit IMO for the Lakers with Bynum. And you think Dwight's gonna benefit from watching kobe hog the ball?
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