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Default Re: D12 from the Nets/Lakers perspective

I guess my point is that in light of the superteam trend, some of these trades don't make much sense. Like carmelo to the knicks, giving up all your depth for more offense and no defense. The Lakers' core is still pretty damn good and still would be a contender next year, so i don't know why they would need to blow it up.

It just sickens me how the one giant hurdle from us landing the piece we really need is a team that doesn't really even need him but is panicking because they lost one damn series. It sickens me even more that it's the Lakers. A team that has had years of success and has spoiled its fanbase without them paying any dues (getting Pau Gasol as a christmas gift). Arrogance has them thinking they should win it every year, and when they lose, like punks, they throw cheap shots and pretend they didn't do anything wrong.

And now they're favorites for landing Dwight? Its absolutely sickening. Please Dwight, if you're not coming to Brooklyn, just stay in Orlando
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