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Default Re: May 12: Playoffs, Round 2 - Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks, Game 6, 8:00pm ET

Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh

And he's not the type of second option that has delusion of grandeur.

A super talented beta male, who would gladly play 2nd fiddle to Rose.

And that would take less pressure of Boozer / Deng, who are more fit to be 3rd and 4th options on a championship caliber team.

Good post, bro.

I was kind of upset in the offseason when I heard JJ was staying in Atlanta. I don't dislike the Hawks, or anything, but I really wanted him to go to Chicago or even New York --- Johnson, Melon, and Amare would be pretty sick, too. But I wanted it for miniscule and stupid selfish reasons. I'm from fckin Arkansas so it's pretty rare for us to produce an athlete with notoriety. I watched Johnson play in high school and even met him once. He's the best basketball player Arkansas has produced since Scottie Pippen (guess you could argue Corliss Williamson). I just wanted JJ to go to Chicago, win a couple of rings, and make a case to at least be mentioned as a potential HOF'er.
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