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Default Re: May 12: Playoffs, Round 2 - Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks, Game 6, 8:00pm ET

Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh
Not necessarily. You can tell this dude is talking out his ass and didn't watch the Bulls this year.

He distributes enough, it's just tonight he finally got help.

First game all playoffs they had a legit second option all game. Boozer finally woke up and was converting all the looks Rose got him.

Rose is a good distributor. He can do both, score and fascilitate. It's why he's MVP.
Rose has been forcing things all postseason, even with Luol Deng as a good second option throughout.

He took 14 shots and 3 FTs this game, well below his playoff averages, and it led to a Bulls win.

Nobody is saying Rose is not a good distributor; he just has not been distributing enough.
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