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Default Re: May 12: Playoffs, Round 2 - Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks, Game 6, 8:00pm ET

Bad execution at the end by the Hawks.

Teague, Crawford and Horford had poor games.

Williams needs to be traded. He is simply not a good fit for Atlanta.

The Hawks should have gone with the other bigs at times in this last game, since Al was wearing down. Drew should have played Armstrong, Powell and Thomas more to wear down Boozer. Even a twin towers lineup at times of Pachulia and Collins would have helped.

The Hawks need a forward who can run offense, a la a Mike Dunleavy off the bench - 12-18 minutes per night. Someone who can handle the ball, pass the ball and shoot outside.

Who knows how it would have turned out if Captain Kirk had played, but we lacked depth. Need another backup point guard.

Overall a successful playoff run - we beat Orlando, when no one thought we would, and we won 2 games against Chicago (although we could have won the series with better execution and shot selection). We played hard and fought hard.
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