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Default Lottery is now what 5 days away and MLSE...??

MLSE - how friggen typical.

Teachers Pension board announces it buys out 15% TD Bank ownership.

Speculation Bell and Rogers both want to bid on TPB equity stake.

Tannenbaum managing partner has first right of refusal for 15% of TDs 15% and any increased percentage on new partner

Refer to Globe & Mail Business Section


Meanwhile friggen lottery is 5 days away.

No confirmed GM one way or another.

No confirmed Head Coach one way or another

No idea about scouting staff.

No talks or rumours about potential trades being "thrown around" pending July 1

No talks about contract extention rumors for Reggie for example.

Do NOT read the Globe & Mail Sports Section cause nothing of note there.


Friggen MLSE - AGAIN

Ohhh Canadian Mark Cuban - where for art thou...
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