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Default Re: May 12: Playoffs, Round 2 - Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks, Game 6, 8:00pm ET

Originally Posted by ace23
Rose has been forcing things all postseason, even with Luol Deng as a good second option throughout.

He took 14 shots and 3 FTs this game, well below his playoff averages, and it led to a Bulls win.

Nobody is saying Rose is not a good distributor; he just has not been distributing enough.

Rose dumps the ball in the middle, the middle guy does crap with it, brings it back out to Rose, there's 5 seconds left in the shot clock, forcing him to take a near shot-clock ending 3-pointer.

Just an example of what it's been like for much of the play-offs with Boozer playing like crap and Deng being the only other sensible person who could sort of get his own shot.

You are right though, I think the Bulls are best with Rose getting his team-mates going first and then taking it into gear in the 4th quarter. The last two games, I think the polish is starting to come together.
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