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Default Re: Let's talk Charlie V

Originally Posted by dd24
I would have liked to traded for Gortat too, just at the right price. I think Prince is better than Richardson or Turkoglu which is certainly would have caught the attention of the Magic. I think they really wanted to move Carter though so it probably would have needed to be a trade like Hamilton & Prince for Gortat & Carter (with whatever other fillers). I think the Magic would have been better off but that wouldn't have necessarily helped us right away.

The other side of it too is the Magic went to a finals with Turkoglu as a main piece and they already had a good relationship with him. Phoenix was forced to trade Richardson after he started nailing Nash's wife (allegedly). It was either him or Nash that had to go and of course they wanted to keep Nash.

While they did like Turk, Rip and Prince are less of a commitment and less of a risk arguably. Both are a little better at playing roles, playing off the ball etc. Rip,Prince,Wallace(Orlando could have used him last year as a vet backup C adn Ben deserved to be on a contender) for Gortat and Carter would have been awesome. Screw CArter, but it would have gotten us out of Rip's deal, given us cap space and legit starting C. Monroe would go to a Horford/Pau like role between both spots. Oh well, that's over.
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