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Default Re: D12 from the Nets/Lakers perspective

i think the lakers are in much worse shape than most seem to believe, yet acquiring howard is not really the solution for them, either. not to mention, such a trade seems like a major logistical longshot anyway, barring santa claus showing up for christmas in july in beautiful downtown burbank.

if the reports about howard's favored destinations are correct (LA or NY), then the biggest obstacle to the nets getting him would seem to be howard himself -- he started the rumors in the first place, and now he's getting irritated that reporters keep following up on them. but when he decides to put his foot down, it should be a done deal in all but the compensation details.

i'm a little bit worried about those details, frankly. i mean, all hail the mighty d-will / howard combo, but the nets will still need some upgrades in other areas, and therefore can't afford to empty the vault even to get dwight-freaking-howard.
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