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Default Wild rumor that Shannon Brown banged Pau Gasol's girlfriend

"The Gasol-Castro relationship is definitely on the rocks as their engagement has been put off for now, and it definitely played into the surprising decline in numbers and confidence that we saw from Pau throughout the playoffs.

However, surprisingly it isnít Kobe and Vanessa who are behind the rift, although they do have a part in it. In fact it is a bench player for the Lakers who may have cost the team a chance at a three-peat.

The word Iím getting is that Shannon Brown, yes the same Shannon Brown who is married R&B singer Monica, slept with Castro during the season, and the affair was discovered by Gasol towards the end of the regular season."

"The confrontation weíve been hearing about did indeed take place, but it was between Gasol and Brown, who nearly came to blows in the locker room and caused a rift that the Lakers were never able to recover from.

The word is that Mrs. Bryant and Ms. Castro engaged in a bit of a cat fight, that ultimately led to Castro saying that Vanessa sleeps around, and Mrs. Bryant basically announcing to anyone who would listen that Castro is really the one sleeping around, specifically with Brown.

Thatís right Laker fans, the reason your team is home right now instead of heading towards a Finals series with Lebron and Co. could very well be Shannon Brown.

While many may believe this to be nothing more than gossip, remember where you heard it first when Brown is traded or let go during the off-season."
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