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Default Re: D12 from the Nets/Lakers perspective

If the Lakers go after Chris Paul, that means they're getting rid of the triangle. The Triangle is notorious for marginalizing the PG spot. If so, then the Lakers are probably going to go with Adelman instead of Brian Shaw.

I also don't understand why the Lakers are panicking. Their core is still strong as long as Pau returns to form. That 7-foot to 7-foot combo is unbeatable when they're on. Not to mention that Kobe can still wreak havoc on the wing. Pau holding the ball high and throwing it to Bynum who holds the ball higher is incredible. A twin tower setup that actually works. It's rare and trading the lot for Dwight would be a ton of weight for Dwight to shoulder. Basically asking Dwight to replace 35-40 pts and 20-23 rebounds on his own.

As for the Nets, I'd say give ORL almost anything they want outside of Deron. Really if you have two superstars like Deron and Dwight, the rest will fall into place. I assume we'd have to give up Brook and Hump, which I'm ok with. If we keep Morrow he can be the new Kerry Kittles of this generation. He wouldn't be able to play defense like Kerry did, but he could spot up, run on the break, and make an athletic play here and there. His defense isn't all that bad either. If we can get a borderline all-star 3 (thinking of someone like Deng, Iguodala, Wilson Chandler, or even J.R. Smith, Martell Webster, Marvin Williams, or Francisco Garcia) we should be all right.

Ofcourse all easier said than done, but if there's anything I learned from the last 20+ years of watching the NBA.. Win now, never later.
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