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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Something I want to address here is the PG class. It was touted as this terrible PG class, but now it appears at least 3 will go in the top 10(Irving,Knight,Walker) and maybe 4 in the lottery(Shelby soaring). If you count Jimmer its even better. Not only that, there are some interesting late 1st options as well.

Morris - Obviously we've discussed him, but he seems to be blowing away scouts. One site had an article about how he got some writers together and wanted to show off his dunking to them. They said he threw down some of the hardest dunks of anyone in the draft and generally impressed with his athleticism. The biggest draw with him is his playmaking ability and pass first mentality. Good size and defensive ability with a nice shooting stroke(compared to Andre Miller and everyone seems to agree that Morris is a better shooter than he was coming out, for some perspective).

Reggie Jackson - This kid is really drawing my attention. 6'3, solid athlete and most impressively a 7' wingspan. A HUGE key in today's game is being able to defend these athletic, penetrating PGs and he has that ability. Did a good job improving his A/TO last year, has good court vision and can shoot. Needs to improve his build and decision making while continuing to work on his shooting as well.

Malcolm Lee - A big guard, which Joe likes. Didn't look like a PG or a very good one at least, at UCLA. However, either did guys like Holliday and Westbrook. He has been very impressive in workouts and could be a lot better in a less restrictive system. Maybe a combo guard though, in the Stuckey mold really.

Nolan Smith - Showed the ability to transition to the PG spot. Can defend,shoot and slash at a high level. Average athleticism and quickness, not a pure PG at this point. Outstanding leader, a guy you want on your team.

Some may like guys like Josh Selby or Shelvin Mack as well.
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